The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention suggested through a survey that Americans cannot get enough of fast food. The survey put up by the National Center for Health Statistics shows that between the years 2013 and 2016, more than 36 percent of adults consume fast food on a single day. Findings also suggested that consumption of fast food tends to decrease with age. Around 45% of adults aged between 20 and 39 years had fast food while merely 24 percent adults over the age of 60 had fast food as their meal or snack.

The survey mentioned that men tend to indulge in eating more fast food than women. As far as any particular race was concerned, Black Adults who are non-Hispanic consumed a lot more fast food, close to 42 percent than people of any other race. A person’s level of income also played a vital role in how frequently they had fast food. People having a higher level of incomes were more prone towards consuming fast food than all those who had lower level incomes.

There are fast food restaurants, which have earned a reputation for serving meals along with snacks that are high in calories. The snacks and meals lack certain essential elements like fruits and vegetables. Quite a number of chains have taken the necessary steps to offer much healthier fare after getting the request from the customers. This year, McDonald’s announced plans for making Happy Meals meant for kids, lot healthier. They intend to do so by reducing portions and taking the necessary steps to cut down on the amount of fat and salt content. Back in the month of May, the Food and Drug Administration created certain regulations. Those had gone into effect, which required chain restaurants to start adding up calories counts to all their list of items.

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